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What does Jayco Do?

We strive to lead the world in telecommunications solutions

We support organizations with a wide range of satellite, maritime, land, and mobile communications needs


JayCo provides engineering solutions from ACAD to technical support on all levels. Our team provides seamless stakeholder and customer management as the first-line contact, capable of resolving all levels of system troubleshooting, support, and repair. 


Satellite Communications

Playing a vital role in the global telecommunications system our engineers design innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges in maritime communication.

Network Management

Delivering communications solutions for the government, military and commercial sectors we offer network management services. We provide fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks, maintaining quality of service, and more.


We implement systems to deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks. This combination of capacity, global reach and reliability is ideal for agencies that need to be connected anywhere in the world.


We install telecommunication cables and connections for VOIP, telephone, and internet connections. Designing network infrastructure for connecting data networks, routing multiple circuits, and so much more.


Jayco can manage complex projects from beginning to end in order to meet the needs and objectives of our clients. Coordinating multiple people, facilities, agencies, or suppliers to complete the mission.

Technical Support & Quality Management

Support is one of the key factors that allows Jayco Services to maintain a persistent and reliable system for our clients. Our continuing services allow your system to remain consistent and dependable.


about what Jayco can do for you!

Jayco A Certified Contractor

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  • We are certified through NAVSEA which is the organization responsible for engineering, building, buying and maintaining the U.S. Navy’s ships, submarines and combat systems. Jayco develops full-life-cycle support products and services within the full spectrum of mission areas. We deliver mission-critical solutions as well as on-demand consulting services and extended lifecycle support and training. We work with customers spanning all Department of Defense segments together with multiple government and private sector agencies.

When you need reliable solutions, Jayco is here…

Jayco’s professionals are the best in the industry. We employ certified Program & Project Managers, Quality Assurance Agents, Analysts, Technicians, & Logisticians to help our customers achieve their goals. You will find our team to be knowledgeable and passionate, with a passion for change and continuous learning. We work tirelessly because we know that communication is important to your most valuable assets.