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About Jayco’s Mission

Bringing trust back into telecommunications contracting through honest, reliable, and outstanding support and solutions

What Jayco Does

We provide a wide array of communication solutions and logistic services.


Effective and reliable distance communication for maritime use by civilian, government, and military organizations.

Satellite Communications

Experienced in utilizing satellite technology to connect with any point in the world easily and dependably.

Network Management & VOiP

Setup and management of computerized communication networks as well as intricate VOIP systems.

Auxiliary and Support Services

We offer a variety of services that you need like Tech Support, Cabling Installations, Quality Management, Logistics, and more. We are there beginning to end and beyond. 

A Worldwide Company

Jayco has deployed systems across multiple countries around the world. We bring consistent quality and reliability to projects large and small, from the defense community to the private sector. Specializing in maritime and on sea applications as well as remote combat locations with no infrastructure. We provide systems engineering, hardware design, software architecture and integration, field support, training and logistics to global customers.

How We Do It Better…
Phase 01


To build the right communication solution for each customer and situation, Jayco Services assesses the project’s requirements, budget, and timeline. Our team will identify what is necessary to complete the project successful and deliver a cost effective solution.

Phase 02


Phase 2 is where the work begins. It is at this phase that we begin providing the necessary equipment to implement the goals of the project. We install equipment on ship while working with our field technicians on land and according to our agreed milestones and timeline we start showing you results.

Phase 03


Once phase 2 is completed we begin to realize your projects objective. Setting up the required controls and networks, Jayco puts your equipment into action. Linking you to communication satellites, control towers, and other communication devices to give you reliable, trustworthy links to what your assets and people.

Phase 04


Support is one of the most important parts of our business. We want to ensure that your new system is operating at its peak performance. When it’s time for your project to be completed, we’ll provide top-notch support and training to keep your equipment running smoothly and dependably for years and years.

Reasons to choose us!

Complete Solutions for the lifecycle of your project

Jayco Services is a full-service, global provider of advanced communications solutions to the government and commercial sectors. Our maritime, extraterrestrial, and terrestrial network solutions ensure reliable voice, data, video, and internet communications for both public area and private customers. 

The men and women of Jayco have worked hard to keep our country safe. We’ve connected the world with secure communication solutions that endure even in times of war or natural disasters. We use our expertise in the field to create products and services that give our global customers the level of endurance they require, whether in their weapons systems or commercial networks.

About Jayco

Do you want a successful project?